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december 2009

We presented four new designs, each of which make the erotic role of the shoe explicit in the design.
Gag Sandal: in black and
red patent leather, with
a detacheable ball gag
in phenolic resin.
Plug pump: no prizes
for guessing why the
heel's the shape it is;
also available as a boot.
Mistress Absolute was pleased to show off the boots we designed with her.

The Absolute Boot can be personalised with a variety of accessories, including a pinwheel laser-cut in stainless steel, cuffs and ballstretcher by Master U and a six strand single tail whip, hand-made by Alexander Jacob.
The collection will be
available from January at:
49 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9HE
t +44 (0) 207 836 5894

Showgirls/Atsuko Kudo
64 Holloway Road
London N7 8JL
t +44 (0) 207 700 4631

Photography: Giordano Affolti  and  Andrea Zani

Via Giannone 2
20154 Milano
tel.: +39

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