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may 2011

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We’re going to be at the
SkinTwo Rubber Ball

October Noire (right) will parade in our gorgeous erotic footwear at the SkinTwo Ball in London on May 28th. Follow October as she glides around, accompanied by her retinue of slaves, as they form her own moving shoe wardrobe. Foot fetishists should not miss the erotic charge of her feet as she slides off her butt plug boots and eases herself into (and out of) her ball gag sandals.

Click here to read more about the Ball, with information on performers, tickets and the very special place where it’s all going to happen. You can discover more about October Noire on her website.
photo: Emma Delves-Broughton

One from the archive. A friend reckons that this image is unpublishable in the mainstream print media and he may well be right. But we like it too much to leave it unseen and it’s one of the models’ own favourites as well. We hope you like it too.
photo: Sarah McGlathery

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