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04 november 2014
latex accessories,
background reading
and true tales
of heavy rubber

Mme. Ambivalent at
Atsuko Kudo, London
Now your latex LBD finally gets the shoes it deserves. Achieve your total rubber look by customising our hand-made Italian shoes with your choice of latex in the Atsuko Kudo Couture Latex Shoe Bow.

Dutch fashion blogger Rebecca Van Putten has written about ainsley-t's creative director for Aicha Qandisha, essential reading for everyone who wants to know what Stuart does and why he does it.

The Lady Bellatrix B*** B****** Bonanza
Reports have reached us of deviant activity in the London area. Our spies tell us that international glaminatrix Lady Bellatrix is testing Her favorite pair of plug boots on a select group of slaves, one of whom survived the authentic Bellatrix heavy rubber experience* in sufficiently good condition to forward the double portrait of Domina and Boots which we modestly commend to your attention.

More pictures will follow, keep an eye out for them on our Twitter feed. *full enclosure, latex incarceration, sensory deprivation and Rubbery Head Fuckery. And cake.
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