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16 december 2021
Fashion news & shoots
ainsley-t at London Fashion Week
Young British fashion designer Bradley Sharpe made his debut runway show at this years's London Fashion Week. Bradley's runway show was styled by Gerry O'Kane, who approached our London shop Atsuko Kudo to use our plug pumps.

How could we say no? Gerry took two pairs of plug pumps for the show, in black and white calfskin.

Runway photography:
Haydon Perrior and Thomas De Cruz Media
press requests at Atsuko Kudo
We're growing our relationship with Atsuko Kudo in London and they are now handling all press requests for loans to fashion shoots and runways shows.

Contact the Atsuko Kudo press office by email at
or by phone:
00 44 20 7700 4631‬.
new photography
We have worked with Maddie Robins in the past, and she always comes back with the most enjoyable imagery. Her latest collaboration involving our footwear is with photographer Henrijs Grabovskis and model Ivy Maddox seen here wearing our plug boots in red calfskin.
Well that sucks... (about our Instagram)
On Thursday 4 December, Instagram reported that we'd been logged out due to 'unusual activity'. We logged back in to discover the entire account had gone, without a word of explanation.

So, having paused to curse quietly, we created a new account, ainsleytfootwear, and then that go nuked too, again without warning. For the time being, we have a placeholder account: shoesbyainsleyt in the hope that the situation may resolve itself in the future, but for reasons we can't identify, Instagram is moderating almost everything we post, even including plain-background product shots.

We have started to look for alternatives to Instagram, and in the coming weeks and months we'll be doing more on our alternative social media channels, especially with our Twitter account. We have also opened a brand-new account at Vero but we're still finding our feet there, it's early days.

If the situation at Instagram improves, we'll let you know...
our new Lydia boot
Lydia Chan designs sets and installations, her most recent work being "Your Ship Has Landed" at the Now Gallery, which is running until March 6, 2022. We met Lydia on social media, and enjoying her request for a pair of ankle boots, we were delighted to oblige with a new design based on our existing plug boot. We sourced a custom color for her, with matching buttplug heels, for her to wear the boots to the installation's launch party.
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