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Fascinating shoes from Italy
Unusual designs and captivating accessories for intimate play
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Footwear for your intimate moments

Whether to strut, sashay, crush or humbly worship, browse our original designs for your special pleasures.

Depending on your mood and style, command attention with designs from our more assertive mistress collection or perhaps quietly beckon while wearing the bedroom creations of the softer courtesan collection.

Alina Henessy and Marica Hase play with their ainsley-t shoes in a scene from Scarlett Revell's Fashionable Fuckers.
Made in Italy
Our handmade shoes are made to our own designs, at a small family-owned factory in Italy. We work in close contact with their artisans, to create your boots and shoes.

Browse our online boutique, or have your shoes made to order, exactly as you desire them.
Golden high heels on artisan's workbench in Italian shoe factory
Mistress Julia Taylor enjoys her pair of point pump buttplug shoes very much
Cock rings.
Ball gags.
...are your hottest accessories
Unique chocolate tray shoe, created for an exhibition at the Kunst Haus Wien Museum Hundertwasser, Austria
Feed chocolates from a shoetray. Pleasure with a gorgeous glossy buttplug heel.
Unique customizations
We can customise your footwear, to special order, either by special decoration or by using special hides. Discover more about what we can do to make your footwear perfectly unique.
Calligraphic decoration on knee boot
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