27 July 2023
point pumps forMiss Kim Rub
The founder of Club RUB, experienced rubberist, kink stylist, leather darling and, yes, London Dominatrix Miss Kim has a new pair of shoes to - ahem - play with, a pair of our point pumps in red calfskin with the buttplug heels in shameless, hedonistic gold.
Kim asked if the heels really were that glossy, we assured her They Were Indeed. Our buttplug heels are so often seen in lacquered red or black, it was fascinating to see a pair of shoes in red calfskin and gold, and we know that Kim will know just how to show them off: she tells us that she'll be wearing the shoes in Her next incarnation as latex rubber nurse.
As they say: oh yes please, nurse; anything you say, Matron...
And Kim could see and hold for herself when she collected the shoes from Simon at our London shop, renowned latex couture designers, Atsuko Kudo.
Picture playtime with Lady Bellatrix
We love to play with rubber imagery and we've gained a taste for toying with the luscious images we get from our friends. The images seen here feature Lady Bellatrix and Valentina Fetish Doll in a shoot with kink photographer Fetish Tool. With high contrasts and emphatic latex gloss surfaces they work so well as mesmerising fantasyscapes of kaleidoscopic lips-and-fingers heel fellatio.
new shoe-clit art from Villa Clitorissima
Xampilla della Vulvah, artist-in-residence and owner of Villa Clitorissima has sent us some new dreamy images, of a perfect pink-purple place where her white calfskin plug pumps are settling in so well. We're enjoying especially Xampilla's LED heel bondage treatment...
The Chronicles of Instagram, continued
After our first IG account disappeared, and then the second, we've been waiting to try again...

After the second cancellation, we created a resurrection IG account, @shoesbyainsleyt and waited for the dust to settle, since there's only a limited number of account names we could use and we weren't keen to use them up trying to find some way to avoid being oh-so-kindly logged out of IG for the sake of the dreaded 'unusual activity'.
Having already featured in London Fashion Week in 2021 and with magazine appearances in Perfect Magazine we needed to get back in the saddle and so we have girded our loins and started to grow our fledgling IG presence.

While you're there, check out supermodel Kristen McMenamy as she rocks her pair of plug pump shoes and see Mia Khalifa featured in Perfect wearing our kinky ball gag sandal high heels.

You'll see that we have much to do to get back to where we used to be, but it's a (re-re-)start, so come follow - you'll be a refreshing change from the current blizzard of {female name}{numeric suffix} accounts which are currently assailing us...
website upgrade
We have completely refactored our e-commerce platform.

You can of course still pay by PayPal or credit card and the new system is a much improved integration of order proceessing, stock control and shipping management.
Take a look at our collection of shoes and boots. You can even order them with gold buttplug heels...
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