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erotic shoes collection mistress Absolutely boot accessorised Domina boot Wear them to the bedroom, restaurant. Or to the dungeon.

The Absolute boot can be ordered with a range of accessories: a holster to let you wear his cock ring directly on the boot itself; a six strand handmade single tail whip. You can also order the boots with a cock whip, condom pocket and even a pinwheel, laser-cut in polished stainless steel.
natural calfskin £ 725.00 $ 848.00, € 948.00 ex. VAT sales tax and delivery buy the Absolutely boot see all hide and colour options

made to measure

We appreciate that a standard model may not fit you as well as you would like.

If you wish, we can also make your boots to measure.

download the measurements chart fill it out and send it us for a quotation.

Resellers, email us to receive our wholesale pricelist.